About Me


I am the Lab Manager at the Computation and Language Lab. It is my life passion to get people excited about math, science, and computing! I find that learning to analytically problem solve is highly empowering.

I love honeybees, long distance running, combinatory logic, aerial silks, A.I, and robots. I also love trying to find new ways to communicate programming concepts, and reach marginalized groups with STEM education.

I teach programming to all ages. Contact me if you need a STEM workshop at your school/event/community etc.

My Work

(links to be provided soon!)

Some of my latest projects.

  • My YouTube Channel JennaTalks where I teach Computer Science concepts.
  • Marvin the Robot plays with Combinatory Logic in a fun interactive game.
  • Alice in Puzzleland: A Machine Learning Journey to Wonderland
  • Pizza Analysis: Data Science techniques to predict how much pizza you need to order
  • Addie: The Little Girl Who Loves Creative Computing
  • Teaching Monkeys to Program: an algorithmic game for macaques
Thailand Blog


An infographic form of my resume. A PDF version can be found here.

Swing By

You can find me in the Computation and Language Lab, always ready to chat about combinators, programming, and robots.

416 Meliora Hall

University of Rochester


A Place for Surprises

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I am currently looking to offer free programming courses in local elementary/middle/high schools in the Rochester area. Please contact me if you think I could be of service.

My latest event was the Computing and Stories Summit at the School for Poetic Computation. Check it out here.